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September 14th, 2011

Still no internet, why? why? I HATE YOU WORLD!!!! @ 02:08 pm

So I still don't have the internet at home. It is more than a little frustrating. You know what I could be doing on the internet? Researching teaching english options and degrees, applying for jobs, GOING ON FACEBOOK!!!

I've been obssessivley checking facebook on my phone instead which is frustrating and unfun. But I can't stop! Why? I do not know.

Other things I'm doing include:

Reading an EXTREMELY absorbing fantasy novel (which makes me not want to do anything else)

thinking about the meaning of life and happiness. But not getting very far. So the same as always.

I am in the pstgrad lab right now and someone somewhere has a vanilla latte or something hidden and it smells AMAZING!!! Like OH MY GOD


August 30th, 2011

Shinwoo is sooooo dreamy!! @ 11:44 pm


In other news, Adam is trying to make me be a politician because the pay is decent. If you see me put up for election DON'T VOTE FOR ME AND TELL ME IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!


July 10th, 2011

Camping @ 11:07 am

 I went camping with Kyleigh and Beck and it was GLORIOUS!!!

There were stars and trees and half a moon. Well, two half moons but that doesn't make a whole moon! HA ha HA ha HA!!! Yes, I am HIlarious. (Cos I was there two nights see?)

There was also freezing cold and actual frost which was beautiful and fires, I got to make SO many fires! I was the fire wench! Or the FRIEMASTER depending on the moment.

There were also two dudes who rocked up at two am, sat under half a tarp in the ACTUAL FREEZING cold and then in the morning went off into the bush together wearing suits. (I really must blogspot this shit). We came up with a number of reasons of why they might have done those actions. The most popular were:

1. Groom and groomsman ran away from a wedding together.

2. Secret initiation ritual into some sort of crazy mason-like fraternity.

I asked them, turns out they were making short films. I preferred our reasons. And also the mystery.

It was exactly what I needed this weekend and I am so glad I went. I am also really glad to be back with places where there are showers and toilets (the pit toilet was nailed shut, pooping was an adventure!! We went to a tea-house in our jammies, cos we classy!) And technology. But I sooooooooooooo needed to go. I think it helped de-crazy me a lot!!

June 5th, 2011

Genderfuck. @ 11:49 am

 I have at least four new injuries.

I have drunk shame.

I did not make out with anyone.

I am a surly mermaid. Apparently.


June 2nd, 2011

Honours @ 06:54 pm



May 14th, 2011

Hi Everyone @ 03:09 pm

 I have de hangover. This calls for epic vlogbrothers fest.

No, no wait, EVERYTHING calls for epic vlogbrothers fest!!!


April 30th, 2011

BORED!!! @ 11:44 am

 So I have nothing much to say today because my life is BORING!!!

Yes I have lots of work to do

Yes I have lots of reading to do

Yes I have lots of cleaning to do



I will go for a walk today and maybe that will soothe the savage beast/breast (depending on if Gilmore Girls is reliable or not). Also on my walk I will listen to music and that will do some of the soothing.


April 13th, 2011

Lifeskillz @ 08:04 pm

 Did you guys know you can grocery shop online and have it delivered? FAREWELL LEAVING THE HOUSE!!!!! I'm totally doing it. Maybe. I'm trying to ascertain if it is worth it. 

But you can even get seasonal boxes from coles! And then just cook around it. I could have milk delivered!!! It's a whole new world!!!

Also today I went to Kenny's street and it was amazing and cheap and then I went to this place I had never been before, it is a nut and deli shop and it is full of nuts and grains and health foods all cheap and crazy shit and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shopping and organising food just became funner again!!!


March 28th, 2011

How bout all y'all? @ 09:38 pm

 So today I got a med cert for my assignment

I hung some hooks in my closet

I hung a shoe tree thingy from one of them and filled it with my shoes

I screwed part of the front door lock back together, it is still missing two parts

I read a very small fraction of the things I should have read for my assignment and honours. Too small.


February 21st, 2011

Keeping up that posting habit @ 01:03 pm

 My weekend was fun, I got to hang out with Bridget Saturday arvo and evening (of course if I had any ability to a) be on time or b) navigate public transport than it would have been for longer which would have been even nicer.) And had a traditional drunkening in the park behind the Courthouse, which seems to happen every time I go to Sydney these days. It often seems to involve some sort of public urination. There was public urination. Sadly when we asked some random boys to pee for us they wouldn't!!! What Farbs!! Speaking of, I think I am going to reinstigate this word a lot more since it CANNOT be offensive to the queers. Unless they are offended that it germinates from Confederate reenactors which could be construed as racist. But I'll just argue it is all reenactors and therefore not racist specific. And it does not, in itself, allude to race even remotely.

Speaking of the queers. There is a mini drama going on at the moment in that one of the noobs is having trouble understanding the general perspective on consent and insists that it is the job of the touchee to inform the toucher if they are uncomfortable with being touched. It is weird because this particular noob tends to really annoy me, and I think what he is saying here is wrong, because I think consent is something where it is really acceptable to be overly cautious. But at the same time I'm noticing that a lot of people are really impatient and bad at explaining their point of view without being confrontational and, even though the dude shits me, I feel bad for him. I think there might have to be a talk this year about people putting forth their views in a more gentle, straight forward and easy to understand manner. It exhausts me. Having said that, this whole thing is making me rethink my "bitch" stance. I mean, I'm still gonna use it, but I think I will be more willing to not use it around those it particularly offends. I would like to have a conversation about it though ... argh in a non-efforty kind of way. SO MUCH DRAMA!!! But not really that much.

Yesterday I went to the mardi gras fair day. It was hot, crowded and stressful. I didn't have the best time. Then I came home, about four hours later than I wanted to cos I stayed too long and then missed my train because the FUCKER of a train official man-dude wouldn't stop the doors from closing which would have delayed them for all of about three seconds. Wanker. You know when it is really those three seconds. In fact as I was running down the stairs I had a "Sliding Doors" moment where this dude stepped in front of me instead of to the side and I was like, "You just cost me my train, arsehole" In my head. As I mentioned, not the BEST of moods yesterday.

Then I went to Gladiator which was a little stressful socially but there was really yummy food there!!! Like really yummy. There was this shepherd's pie, omg I am still craving it right now!! 

Speaking of food, I plan to cook today. I'm gonna make a pizza, including the base, and put chunky dip on as a sauce with some (wilted) coriander and mushrooms and eggplant and vintage cheddar cheese. I think it will be yummy.

I really need to sort out enrollment for uni. I am afraid.

This morning I swam eight laps. Still can't do one full one of freestyle though. Tomorrow I'm aiming for ten. And at least one complete lap of freestyle.

That is all.